6 Ways

Manual Therapy 

Can Improve Your Life

1. Physical relaxation
2. Manage aches and pains
3. Increase range of motion
4. Enhance well-being
5. Improve your sleep
6. Better awareness 
Welcome to ESSENCE K

ESSENCE K offers advanced manual therapy for body balance and well-being.


We believe that conventional healing massage is insufficient in improving your postural alignment or releasing chronic patterns of tension.  Your body changes every day, every minute, just as your emotions do.  Adapting manual therapy techniques and choosing the most effective therapy for each client based on their daily condition and goals are the key to the best treatment.  We offer a private, safe, casual, and relaxing space that you can visit regularly to improve your body and health. 

Treatment Options
Back Massage

Swedish Massage 

Oil Massage


15,000  yen

Back Massage

Myofascial Release+ 

Deep Tissue Massage

Non-Oil Massage


15,000 yen


Advanced Body Balance


Oil & Non-Oil Massage


16,000 yen

Pregnant belly

Prenatal Massage

Postpartum Massage

Pregnancy Care


15,000  yen

woman neck_edited.jpg

Stuructural Intergration

Chronic Pain Management​​

​Tailored Care

Special Care


15,000 yen

Healing Touch Therapy_1

Facial & Scalp Massage


​Self-Care Training

Add-On Treatments


5,000 yen

Meet Your Practitioners

Kay Akahane

Licenced Massage Therapist (NYS)

Board Certified Structural Integrator (BCSI)

Certified Rolfing® Practitioner

Kay is a Licensed Massage Therapist, certified in Rolfing® Structural Integration and also the first Board Certified Structural Integrator (BCSI) in Tokyo.


Kay has been a healthcare provider in Tokyo since 2000.  She began her career as a relaxation therapist (Body and Facial Aromatherapy & Reflexology) then became a licensed Massage Therapist after graduating from the Swedish Institute in New York City in 2007 and also became a Rolfer™ after completing a specialized course of study at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado in 2018.


She believes our minds and bodies demand ease and healing to re-align themselves in their natural state.  The best healing starts with listening to one's mental and physical self, and then allowing them unconditional space and freedom to re-harmonize.